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For everyone who wants to spread kindness, confidence, and celebrate Black excellence.

Walking with bold purpose since 1982.

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Happy Merry Hanukwanzmas!

Be festive and inclusive! This tee comes in black, white, red as well as sweatshirt options! Get yours early so you can start spreading cheer!

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Happy Merry Hanukwanzmas!

Looking for an ugly Christmas sweater? look no further! Get your all inclusive holiday tee or sweatshirt today!

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Don't Quit/ Do-It

Perfect for the Fall season!

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Your Goals Don't Care How You Feel

Best Seller!

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Be Blessed...Give Grace..Have Faith

It's giving, "it's gonna be okay," vibes! Get yours and stay warm this season!

When in doubt, be dope.

Comes as a hooded sweatshirt too!

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Inhale faith, exhale fear!

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About Nineteen82 Tees

Darrell LaSane started Nineteen 82 Tees in her kitchen, on her birthday (May 25). She spent 2 days making her birthday shirt from hand; tracing and cutting each letter (talk about a headache). "But when I was finished, I was so proud of it, wore it all day with my kids, and took tons of pictures. My cousin said, "I need that shirt," and it made me think, maybe someone else would too! "And Nineteen82 Tees was born.

The first shirt, of course, was the inspiration for it all, "Me, est. on this day in 1982." 

Only positive messages of inspiration, confidence, black excellence and thought provoking content here. "There is enough negativity and ugliness out there. I want people to feel inspired by the shirts they wear and have others be inspired and feel joy when they see them."

- Darrell LaSane