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Mommy gift box - Hand selected items have been midwife approved for postpartum care and healing. As a mom myself, I understand what new moms need but aren't sure what to ask for. This box includes items that my aunt (a certified midwife) approved and loved. It's hard being a new mom, and a gift like this can really help her feel a little better and know you care : ). This is just what she will need to start to feel like herself again.

This box is also great for a Christmas gift, a baby shower gift or sprinkle. Great as a present for a first time mom who may not know what to ask for. Great if you do not know what to get but want to give something she will use from the heart.

-Amethyst/rose quartz crystal: love, healing and strength
-Sage: energy cleansing
-Postpartum tea: helps balance mood, postpartum weight loss, overall recovery
-Tea ball steeper
-Tea bags
-Rice bag: warm in the microwave for up to 1 hour of warmth, nice for easing painful abdomen or sore back; infused with choice of eucalyptus or lavender essential oil. Also comes unscented (please select scent in options)
-Soft/Fuzzy socks: because who doesn't love soft/fuzzy socks
-Sitz bath soak: handmade with organic teas and salts; aids in vaginal healing
-All natural soap bar
-Just for Mommy tote bag

This is similar to the Just What She'll Need gift box without the snacks.